Mr. Fluro was established in the year 1990, and within a short span of time had got recognized for the services provided. The quality service that we provide is a culmination of highly qualified, trained & certified electricians along with the maximum use of the latest technology to provide you a cost efficient service always. The main areas of our services include:

Electrical Design & Installation :

We provide a complete build and design service for commercial as well as residential edifices. Our engineers & electricians work hand in hand to bring everything together the way it should be, resolving individual challenges with innovative solutions. Whether supporting designers and architects or taking care of it all ourselves, we are able to offer an all around solution for our customers.

Wiring, 3 phase machinery wiring, rewiring, and power point installations :

Whether it is a wiring for your home, upgrading your wiring, rewiring or 3 phase machinery wiring, we are the ones you can trust to set it all right. As required and as per your convenience, we also install new power point sockets so that your appliances and machinery are placed aptly as you desire them to be placed. We only use the best quality sockets & wires for the purpose.

Data Cabling :

We design & install data cabling to complete the administration side of your business. Generally Local Area Network (LAN) cabling is installed beneath suspended floors or within the framework of the building, supplying computers and telephones via panel mounted patch panels. Whether it is Patching Phone lines, Cable testing and certifications, Fiber optic Cabling or installing Cables trays, catenaries & ducted skirting our expert technicians do it all.

Electrical work for renovations, additions, alterations & repairs :

Planning to go in for a renovation, addition or the least an alteration, but utterly confused as to how to go about the electrical requirements. In that case, call us and our consultants would be ever willing to design out your electrical requirements. Renovation means deletion & addition of wires, sockets, safety boards, lighting etc. Trust the best to provide you quality service like none other in Melbourne. With years of expertise in re-wiring & electrical work renovation, we use only the best cable’s cable, sockets, lights, switches or fans, & install only quality Brand products.

Industrial & Commercial Lighting :

Lighting requirements have changed a lot over the decades. We provide numerous lighting options as per your requirement – commercial or residential. We re-lamp office light fittings and do repairs where required. Mr. Fluro electrical contractors understand the pulse of the market and are up to date about lighting advancement today, hence proficient to provide you class unparalleled lighting services.

LED lighting :

With energy efficient LED lights and lights that sense presence, technology has advanced to meet new age requirements. LED lighting is a cost effective way to reduce power and with up to 50,000 hours of lamp life, you can forget about changing light bulbs frequently. Mr. Fluro replaces domestic low voltage fittings which use 50 watts of power to lesser cost effective LED lamps, which use a smaller power of 12 watts each. We also do industrial LED high Bays & LED flood lighting.

Exit & Emergency lighting :

Illuminated Exit & emergency lighting are obligatory requirements especially for shopping outlets, commercial spaces & commercial spaces. We provide energy saving efficient lighting systems that are not only compliant to Australian standards, but easy on your budget as well.

Safety switches & power surge protection :

Power surges can easily fry your computer or other home appliances, rendering them useless in a moment. Safety switches, help in protecting your equipments, appliances by automatically shutting off the electricity supply, thus safely protecting the appliance or the person using them from any possible damage. We use only the best surge protectors which are guaranteed to save your appliances should a power surge occur.

Mains & power upgrades :

Appliances like Air conditioners, large machinery like coolers; large scale printers require more power rather than others. Hence it is required that these large power consuming machines are directly routed to your mains power supply. A mains power upgrade will provide you with a consistent, reliable and quantifiable power source. We provide mains upgrades with an ease and efficiency through proper channels complying with Australian standards.

Testing & Tagging of Electrical Equipments :

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislation imposes a duty of care to provide a safe workplace. An electrical appliance has to be duly tested and tagged, the failure to ensure the safety of electrical equipment may result in the death or injury of yourself, your employees or others. Mr. Fluro Electrical Contractors are well aware & versed with the knowhow of testing & tagging as per Australian standards. We test and tag portable electrical equipment, in accordance with the performance specifications of AS/NZ3760: 2003 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment. Our electricians are authentic, certified & trained in PAT and make sure the equipment or appliance does not pose any kind of threat to the personal using the same.